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The Kegelmeister - Dr. Love Shark Book 2The KegelMeister Book 2 in the Dr. Love Shark series



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Piers Kaamoana, is in love with his best friend’s new wife, Rae.

Her best friend, Tara Jackson has her own plans for him. She vows to bring Piers out of his depression and wants to seduce him into a ménage with Kona Kalani, a luau fire dancer.

Though Piers doesn't want any attachments, neither do Tara and Kona. A fun romp for them all, but alas, things don't seem to work out that way.



Tara watched as her housemate ate his breakfast without acknowledging she was in the same room with him. Piers hadn’t even given her a nod of good morning. She could play his game well. It would be a great challenge to melt his icy demeanor. The bride and groom had slept in so she was alone with him.

“Delicious. I’ll have to tell Moki how much I enjoyed her fruit medley. I wonder what the star shaped fruit is called,” she said in a murmur loud enough for him to hear her.

She had to bite back laughter when his shoulders tensed. This would be easy as pie.

“I find the artwork in the hallways to be very provocative and sexy. What’s with the sex positions? I understand you need a model for your Kegel classes.”

Still, he wouldn’t talk, yet this time his eyes met hers with a mild look of surprise.

“Rae told me she really enjoyed working with you as a model. She said you’re the best of the best.”

Hmmph.” As though Piers hadn’t expected to make a sound, he frowned then shoved a piece of bacon in his mouth, chewing slowly. His gaze remained on his meal.

“I think I’ll take a swim after breakfast. When do your classes begin? I’ll be dressed and ready.”

This time, he narrowed his eyes and stood up so fast his chair hit the floor. Without missing a beat, he left the room. Tara’s laughter followed him.