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              BIO Of Bobbi Brattz
Erotica Romance Author-Without The Swearing

I'm a romance author who likes to step over the line, without using foul language. Though some find the 'F' word titillating, I feel that sex can be just exciting with tender words. Some of my characters are into name calling like 'whore' but that's only because the man's frustrated...very sexually frustrated with the heroine.

I've been writing and reading since I was a child, but only got past the blushing since the beginning of the millennium. With the world's inhibitions disappearing at an alarming rate, I found that e-books have brought erotica readers out in rising numbers. (pun intended)

The only downside (no pun there) is the souls who tend to want to make 'sheep' for their imagined flocks of dirty minded shepherds. These novels are not for such people. These wonderful stories full to the brim with emotions, sensuality, and raw hunger are for those of you who find that sex is not just a boring 'wham bam thank you ma'am' experience but something to be tested, tasted, and explored like fine wine and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Though my stories aren't out in e-book or print format as  yet, stay tuned as they will be soon. I'm not one to give up on my dreams.


Bobbi Brattz-A true brat in your imagination.

  Bobbi Brattz © All Rights Reserved 2009